9musesnews_220_150Read 9 muses news article “100 Years Later, the Greek Genocide” which includes The Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center (AMPHRC) teaching guides.


On behalf of the AMPHRC a heartfelt thanks to Keri Douglas for her wonderful article “100 Years Later, the Greek Genocide”.

Those of us who experienced the suffering of their refugee parents and their nostalgia for the lost homeland appreciate Keri’s contribution to let the world know of The Great Catastrophe and Genocide of the Hellenes of Asia Minor and Pontos.

Keri’s article is supporting our efforts to advance awareness and understanding of the most tragic event in the Greek history which still impacts the politics, society, culture, and psychology of Greeks around the world. It is a contribution to our efforts in promoting genocide education, combating genocide denial, and pursuing justice. A contribution to stand against any ethnic, religious or racial injustice.

George Mavropoulos,
AMPHRC’s Founder