Greek Entertainer Lefteris Pantazis Visits the AMPHRC

Greek Entertainer Lefteris Pantazis Visits the AMPHRC

LefterisPantazis (left) and George Mavropoulos greet each t Pantazis’ visit to the AMPHRC on Monday, October 22, 2018.


Lefteris Pantazis (Pankozidis), world-renowned singer and entertainer from Greece visited the Research Center on Monday, October 2018, after his Saturday October 20 performance at Rosemont IL.

Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Lefteris’ parents escaped to the Soviet Union during the catastrophic events in Pontos during the 1920’s. During the 1970’s, his family followed other Pontians to resettle in Greece.

Having heard about the Center from board members, Lefteris immediately expressed his desire to visit the Research Center. With his cousin Lefteris and his promoter, George Katerinis, Lefteris Pantazis had the momentous opportunity to learn about the Center’s efforts to ensure that the world know about the atrocitiess and tragedies that the Hellenes of Asia Minor and Pontos suffered.

George Mavropoulos, Founder and President of the AMPHRC welcome Lefteris and guests to the Center and shared the history of the Pontian Greeks in Chicago,Chicago which included the establishment of the Greek Pontian Society of Chicago in 1977, which led to the founding of the Research Center in 2011. The sharing of their common history and parents’ refugee experience provided a unique opportunity for Mr. Mavropoulos and Mr. Pantazis to bond in their Pontos Hellenic heritage.

Lefteris expressed his appreciation to Mr. Mavropoulos for the opportunity to visitvi the Center and he promised to do whatever he could and to inform his followers and friends about the Center, encouraging them to visit the Center when they are in Chicago.


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