Unsilenced Voices: The Sisterhood Project Kick Off

Unsilenced Voices: The Sisterhood Project Kick Off

George Mavropoulos, (far right) AMPHRC Founder and President with members of The Sisterhood and Unsilenced Voices

On Saturday, October 6, 2018, The Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center (AMPHRC) hosted the nonprofit organization, The Sisterhood and UnsilencedVoices,, whose mission is to serve as an action support group for mothers whose children have bebeen killed by senseless violence. Fifteen members of participated in this event. The organization focuses on empowering mothers to be the voice of the children and for all people that have been affected by senseless violence. The Sisterhood helps members through the grieving process by sponsoring support meetings, social gatherings, civil events,s, and annual retreats.

Supportive of community service, the Research Center is pleased to have hosted this event. Board members Maria and John Davis welcomed everyone and made a presentation about the Center’s mission and history.


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