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The UIC project - Project blurb as an introduction for the website section -Research Library The Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center (AMPHRC) was established to research, preserve, and disseminate information concerning the tragic history and expulsion of the Greeks from their ancestral homelands in Asia Minor (or Anatolia), Pontos and Eastern Thrace. The ultimate goal of the organization is to raise awareness about the catastrophic genocide of the Ottoman Greeks of the 19th century by creating and preserving resources concerning the topic that can be made available to larger audiences in the English-speaking world.
We are fortunate to work with a group of graduate students from the University of Illinois (UIC) to create an on-line program to upload articles and archival material on the Center's website. The program functions as an online database cataloguing the historical materials housed in The Center's Psomiades Library in Chicago's Greek town and the key articles and historical materials that are being continuously uploaded by the AMPHRC and made available to students and scholars worldwide. The uploading of new material is an on-going process as texts becomes available, scanned and uploaded.
Most of the material became available from two major organizations in Greece. The Center for Asia Minor Studies (KMC) and the Committee for Pontian Studies EPM), both located in Athens, gave us their permission to feature these historical articles from their publications. Copies of these texts are housed in the Center's Psomiades Library. We appreciate their gesture and hope that this collection will provide additional material to those who are searching for information, references and sources for the catastrophic events of Hellenism of Asia Minor, Pontos, and Eastern Thrace.
You may visit KMS at www.kms.org.gr and EPM at www.epm.gr

The Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center (AMPHRC) is a historical society and a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in January 2011. Our goal as a research center—unique in its kind—is to document and disseminate information about the Greek communities of the later Ottoman empire, and study the expulsion of expulsion of the Greeks from their ancestral homelands in Asia Minor (or Anatolia), Eastern Thrace, and Pontos.